Abdominoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Is a tummy tuck a difficult operation?

Abdominoplasty is known as a surgical procedure. This application, which is carried out in order to eliminate the visual disturbances due to sagging, differs from person to person. The difficulty or ease associated with tummy tuck applications varies according to the condition of the person. For this reason, after the doctor is control, it is decided whether the operation will be difficult or easy.

It should not be forgotten that there are risks in this operation, as in any surgical operation. However, since the application by a specialist will lead to quality results, it will be healthier for you to undertake a meticulous process in choosing a doctor. Although tummy tuck operations are not very difficult, in general, stretching operations may take a little longer than other aesthetic operations.

Can I have a child after a tummy tuck?

One of the issues that women wonder after tummy tuck surgery is undoubtedly childbirth. You can have a recovered stomach after the operation performed in the abdominal region. In this case, there is no obstacle to birth. However, when you can get pregnant after tummy tuck is very valuable. It will be very important to act according to the doctor is recommendations.

You should not forget that pregnancy will cause sagging again after the tummy tuck is performed. Because some women apply to tummy tuck after getting pregnant. One of the biggest reasons for this is that they do not want to be faced with sagging again. Considering all these details, you can produce the most suitable solutions for you.

Can I have a flat stomach after tummy tuck?

After tummy tuck applications, it is possible for your abdomen to reach the exact shape you desire. At this point, the most important detail is that the application is permanent. Most of the women are faced with tummy tuck due to postpartum problems. The only remedy for sagging that cannot be removed with sports and diet is considered to be a tummy tuck application. In this way, you can ensure that you have a flat stomach.

Surgery alone is not enough to keep your abdomen flat. You should pay attention to your diet and exercise after the application. In this way, your stomach will both stay flat and you will have the chance to achieve a better quality result. You can have a better and fit appearance with tummy tuck surgery.