Beard Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

How is the beard transplant operation performed?

Wondering how to perform a beard transplant procedure? So let's take a closer look at how the beard transplant is done! Beard transplantation procedures are carried out by removing hair from one region and transplanting it to another region, just like in hair transplantation.

For this reason, the technique used and the experience of the doctor are very valuable. So, what is the process related to this application? First of all, hairs are collected from the donor area. Afterwards, the planting process is carried out so that there are no scars. Thanks to the equalization of the beards, beard transplantation is performed to obtain a better quality image. In order to carry the process to a perfect point, you should definitely get support from a specialist doctor.

Which techniques are used in beard transplantation?

The techniques used in beard transplantation are as valuable and important as hair transplantation. For this reason, you should definitely examine which method will be used in order to achieve the desired appearance of your beard. Dhi is one of the techniques used in the beard transplant process.

You should not forget that you can achieve the best quality results with dhi, which does not cause traces and allows you to capture a natural image thanks to this feature. In addition to the Dhi method, which is very important in removing the thinning seen in the beard, the fue technique is also preferred in beard transplantation. You should discuss with your doctor what the ideal methods are in this regard.