Blepharoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Does the feeling of heaviness go away after blepharoplasty?

The eye and the environment have a very important place in the appearance of a beautiful face. The first sign of aging begins around the eyes and mouth. As the lifetime of use increases, the frequency of these operations also increases. At this point, in case of sagging of the eyelids, aesthetic surgery can be applied to make the blepharoplasty look more beautiful.

However, the only advantage obtained with aesthetic surgery operation is not that the eyelids look more beautiful. With eyelid aesthetics, the feeling of heaviness in the eyes is also eliminated. In this way, it is possible to continue your life with a much lighter eye.

Do I look younger after eyelid surgery?

Blepharoplasty (eyelid aesthetics) is an operation in which excess skin is removed from the eyelids to remove sagging in the eyelids. Eyelids are an area where signs of aging begin at an early stage. This operation can be applied to all middle-aged and older male and female cases that are deemed appropriate as a result of the physical examination.

The sagging of the eyelids causes the eyes and face to look much older. At this point, it is possible to clearly state that individuals have much more beautiful and impressive eyes with blepharoplasty. Individuals who want to have a much younger and perfect appearance can have flawless eyes with eyelid aesthetics.

Is eyelid surgery a difficult operation?

Excess tissue is removed by cutting the upper eyelids from the eyelid fold and the lower eyelids from under the eyelashes. There are scars in the folds on the upper eyelid, under the eyelashes on the lower eyelids. These operations are usually performed in hospital conditions and under local anesthesia. There may be swelling and bruising for about 7 days after the surgery.

Because the eyelid skin is so thin, bleeding and bruising can be excessive, but the recovery is just as quick. After about 1 month, it follows, but reaches a level that can be seen from a close point. At this point, we can easily say that eyelid aesthetics is not a difficult and long-lasting operation. Do not forget that with eyelid aesthetics, in which several incisions are made, you can achieve the desired look in the easiest way.