Breast Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

Can a lift be done while having breast reduction?

Breast reduction is one of the operations that many women are curious about and want to have. If you think that your breasts are too big and you want to reach appropriate solutions in this regard, you should take care to stay under the control of your doctor. Breast reduction operation is known as changing the shape of the breast. Operations to be performed together should not be in the breast area.

For this reason, an application in the abdomen is possible together with breast reduction. However, after reducing your breast, you can also have your breast lifted. This allows you to have breast lift and breast reduction in one go.

What should I do before breast reduction operation?

Breast reduction is important for people who do not like the volume in their breasts and therefore apply to different applications. If you are disturbed by the fact that your breasts are too large visually and physically, you should definitely apply for breast reduction. So, how do you go about this process?

  • Before the operation, you should definitely stay away from blood thinners,
  • You should take care to perform doctor checks meticulously,
  • You should have breast cancer or other possible diseases in the breast checked,
  • Before the operation, you should consider the doctor is recommendations,
  • You should contact your doctor and decide what kind of result you will get,
  • Before the operation, you should meet your need to eat,
  • You must be in the hospital at least 2 hours before the operation.

By paying attention to these details, you can achieve the most ideal results in breast reduction and lift operations.

Is breast reduction a difficult surgery?

If you are wondering whether breast reduction surgery is difficult or not, we recommend that you take all the details into consideration. In this way, you should definitely remember that you can overcome psychological and physical difficulties by reducing your breast size. The first of the difficulties you may experience with breast reduction will be that you do not feel comfortable in the psychological sense.

Because many women act thinking that their breasts will not reach the desired size. This situation reveals the difficulties in breast reduction. Another issue related to breast reduction surgery is the experience of the doctor. Because if the doctor is not experienced, he cannot meet your expectations and cannot produce a quality result. It will be healthier for you to take action by considering all the details.