Breast Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have a problem after breast lift operation?

Since breast lift operation is a surgical procedure, it carries certain risks. For this reason, it is highly valuable to be meticulous in order to prevent the problems you will encounter before, during and after the application. So, what should you do to prevent problems after breast lift operation?

In order to get rid of the problems to be experienced in breast lift applications, it is essential that you take into account the recommendations of the physician. It is definitely not possible for the breasts to reach the desired state for people who do not take into account the physician's recommendations. For this reason, you should follow a quality and useful roadmap. It can be said that many people experience psychological problems while solving the problem in their breasts. In order to overcome such problems, you must proceed under the supervision of a physician. Otherwise, the results will not be the way you want at all.

Can I breastfeed a child after breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction is the application that women prefer to shape their breasts that they do not like physically and visually. For this reason, breastfeeding and some other practices should be carefully evaluated after breast reduction procedures. Breast reduction is an application that breastfeeding mothers should not do. Because changes in the breast may affect the milk.

However, it cannot be said that a woman who has breast reduction surgery will never be able to breastfeed again. Because as a result of the right application, it is possible for women to breastfeed their children. Here, it will be very valuable to warn the doctor and take appropriate actions. It will be more advantageous to take action by stating your sensitivities.