Butt Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get the oil for butt augmentation?

Butt augmentation is expressed as a procedure that reshapes your hip area and provides you with a smoother hip profile. Butt augmentation has become more and more popular around the world lately, with round, firm hips often seen as a symbol of femininity and sensuality.

The most commonly used methods to enlarge and reshape your hips is fat injection using your own natural adipose tissue. During butt augmentation bbl, adipose tissue is taken from different areas of the body where there is more fat tissue. Generally, fats taken from the waist and abdomen make the waist look thinner and make the butt larger. However, according to the wishes of the person, fat removal can be done from other parts of the body.

Will I have a problem after butt augmentation?

It is not possible to experience any problems after butt augmentation. Because butt lift is not an operation that causes any problem. You can have a perfect butt with an extremely simple butt lift.

The most popular method for hip augmentation is autologous fat transfer (using your own natural adipose tissue), also called Brazilian butt lift, and fat-transferred or fat-free gluteal implant surgery for additional shaping. At this point, people who want to have a raised and upright butt can achieve a flawless appearance with butt augmentation aesthetics.

After butt augmentation, will the fat melt and my butt return to its original state?

After butt augmentation, some of the fat is expected to melt. In general, the injected fat in buttock aesthetics will hold on to the butt and will be permanent. In very rare cases, all the fat injected into the butt can melt after a long time.

Apart from this, fat loss will occur in cases such as weakening the person. But in general, the rate of return of the buttocks of a person who has bbl buttock aesthetics is very, very low.