Butt Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

Is butt augmentation a difficult operation?

No. Buttock augmentation surgery is not a difficult operation. Buttock aesthetics is the process of injecting the fat taken from the body after the operation. It is an easy operation like oil removal. In order to be more feminine, you can achieve a flawless appearance with butt aesthetics.

Do not forget to use the special buttock pillow given to you for a while after butt augmentation surgery and to follow the instructions given by your doctor completely.

How do you adjust the butt size?

One of the most curious issues about butt augmentation surgery is undoubtedly how big your butt will be. For this reason, the most important issue to be considered while performing buttock augmentation operations is the decision of the doctor and the patient. It is necessary to avoid an application that will distort the shape of your body just because you want it.

At this point, the most valuable issue is that it is suitable for your body while performing butt enlargement aesthetics. Although it is your biggest expectation to have a big butt, we care that you decide together with your doctor in order to achieve a successful result in this regard. Especially in order to make a quality choice, you should evaluate the details about your body condition. A big butt can cause problems just because you want it.