Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions

Will the dental implant break?

The risk of fracture of dental implants is extremely low. Because dental implants have a durable structure that is 5-10 times the chewing forces. In this direction, the implants show a great resistance against much more force. In addition to breaking the implants, problems and fractures may occur in the screws that enable the implants to hold.

These small screws can loosen and break over time. These breaks occur very frequently. For this reason, instead of screwed dental implants, dental implants, which are called morse tapers and are formed by the combination of two cylinders that are locked to each other at a narrow angle, are more often preferred. In this way, it is possible to minimize the risk of problems that may occur in dental implants.

Is the dental implant only placed in the edentulous area?

Dental implants can be applied to tooth cavities with sufficient bone thickness and length. However, it is not possible to place an implant in every edentulous area. In order for the screwed teeth to be placed in a healthy way, there must be a bone thick enough to contain the volume that the implants will occupy and to surround the screwed tooth all around.

In addition, it should be stated that adjacent teeth will be affected in single teeth. In such cases, it is necessary to apply a prosthesis to the edentulous area instead of an dental implant. It should also be noted that the dental implant, which looks very aesthetically elegant, has an extremely strong structure.

Is dental implant a difficult procedure?

Implant treatment can be applied to people who have completed bone development and have sufficient bone volume. In this direction, it is not possible to say that the dental implant, which is suitable for almost everyone, is a very difficult procedure. The implant can be expressed as an intervention applied to the jawbone with a surgical procedure.

Implant treatment is an artificial tooth root prepared and placed in the jaw to replace the extracted teeth with a new tooth. The body perceives the jawbone titanium as a part of itself. For this reason, implants are made of titanium. In this context, the implant, which is a very simple and short-term procedure, is extremely effective.