Dhi Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

Is dhi hair transplant performed on a fully open head?

Thanks to the DHI application, you can make your hair look natural and strong. In order to achieve a quality image and respond to your expectations, you should take action without wasting time. The DHI method is a very meticulous process performed under the control of a physician. Even if the hair of the patients is full, it is possible to achieve the most special results by using this method.

One of the most important points that ensure this situation is the number of hair in the area to be grafted. It will be possible to perform hair transplantation procedures if there is sufficient amount of hair and the physician gives approval for DHI. You can also start to benefit from the most ideal options related to DHI. This method, which will allow you to achieve a quality result, will also support you to have natural hair!

Do I have to be completely bald to have a Dhi hair transplant?

If you are wondering if you are completely bald for a hair transplant, it is time to clear this up! Serious hair loss in the area to be transplanted is not an obstacle for hair transplantation. In addition, for the hair transplantation process, it is sufficient that the shedding has stopped. If the doctor says that after performing the necessary controls, your hair can be transplanted, baldness is not taken into account.

If you are going to apply for hair transplantation and you will benefit from the DHI method, a doctor is control should be performed. Otherwise, the results you will achieve will not be as you expect. We recommend that you do not entrust hair transplant operations to non-experts. Otherwise, the results will occur in a way that you do not want at all.