Ear Aesthetics Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hidden prominent ear in women?

In fact, the hidden prominent ear in women means that the ears, which are in the form of prominent ears, are covered with women's hair. At this point, the ears, which are actually prominent and need surgery, are hidden due to the long hair of women. These ears need to be repaired with a professional plastic surgery method.

It is possible to find a very simple solution to the hidden ear surgery problem in women through aesthetic surgeons operating in a professional way.

Why do we get prominent ears?

Prominent ear is one of the most common types of infant ear deformities, affecting approximately 5% of the population worldwide. Ears are considered prominent if they extend more than 2 cm from the side of the head. Prominent ears are typically bilateral

It occurs when the antihelical fold (the piece of Y-shaped cartilage near the center of the outer ear) is not formed properly or is underdeveloped causing the outer edge of the ear to protrude. In most cases, the auricle has an excessive amount of cartilage or is unusually deep, causing the entire ear to be pushed away from the side of the head. Ear surgery is usually a congenital condition, like most baby ear deformities. Many people with prominent ears have a family history of the condition.

Do we have to wait for the age of 18 to have prominent ear aesthetics?

Prominent ears typically do not cause any problems with hearing. However, it can cause psychological distress due to its effect on facial appearance. Research shows that prominent ears can be a catalyst for teasing, especially in children, and can damage self-esteem due to the aesthetics involved.

Because of these psychosocial concerns, protruding ear correction is often desirable for new parents. Accordingly, individuals do not need to wait for the age of 18 to have prominent ear surgery. Prominent ear surgery can also be applied to children.