Ear Aesthetics Frequently Asked Questions

How do you perform prominent ear surgery in children?

Otoplasty for prominent ears can use a combination of two different procedures: Mustarde procedure: With an incision made behind the ear, a suitable antihelical fold is created using special sutures that bend the ear to its normal position. Davis procedure: Excess conchal cup cartilage is removed through an incision behind the ear to allow the ear to fit closer to the skull.

The incisions made during prominent ear correction are placed in the natural fold where the ear meets the head as much as possible. It is important to choose a plastic surgeon who is skilled in both of these procedures to prevent recurrence due to stretching of the excess cartilage. If you have a newborn baby and are worried about prominent ears, you should not be afraid of prominent ear surgery. Prominent ear operation is known as an important operation that can be applied to both children and adults very easily.

Will my ears go back to normal after prominent ear surgery?

After the prominent ear operation, a hair band that completely covers the ears but does not have a very tight appearance is worn. This band should be worn for approximately 3 weeks. The main purpose of this tape is to reduce the load on the stitches that want to return to their original state and hold the cartilage. The cartilage heals by hardening in this new position.

One of the most basic tasks of the hair band is to reduce edema after prominent ear surgery. In addition, swelling is also reduced. In summary, prominent ear operation is a permanent operation. For this reason, it is not possible for the ears to return to their original form after prominent ear surgery.