Gynecomastia Frequently Asked Questions

Can't we have a flat chest like before by doing sports?

It is possible to have a flat chest by doing sports. However, you should make sure that this sport is regular and extremely challenging. The fat in the chest is very stubborn and you should not forget that it is very difficult to remove. If you do sports for a while and then give up, you can have breasts that return to their original shape.

For this reason, it should be stated that breast growth in men is related to genetic factors rather than sports. Individuals whose family includes men with large breasts have much larger breasts. This causes individuals to lack self-confidence. We need to express that people who are disturbed by breast augmentation can get rid of the size of their breasts with gynecomastia surgery.

Will there be any scars on my body after gynecomastia?

The question of whether there will be a scar on my body after gynecomastia is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who want to have this surgery. Breast augmentation in men can be caused by different factors. During puberty, the body regularly experiences changes in hormone levels, which leads to mild cases of illness;

Therefore, gynecomastia is very common in young men. Similarly, as men age, their bodies produce less testosterone and more estrogen-producing adipose tissue; older men therefore have higher rates of disease. At this point, the scar may remain very small after the gynecomastia operation preferred by men. This trace disappears over time by taking the skin color. Therefore, it is not possible to leave a scar after gynecomastia.

Is gynecomastia a difficult operation?

Gynecomastia surgery is not a difficult operation. It is performed just like breast reduction surgery applied to women. As a result of a 1-2 hour procedure, it becomes possible to eliminate the problem of breast enlargement in men. Gynecomastia is a condition in which men develop excess breast tissue.

This condition is the result of hormone imbalances where the body produces too much estrogen, too little androgens, or both. The condition is usually harmless. However, it is a major source of stigma for men and can indicate more serious illnesses. There are two types of gynecomastia. It is a fat removal and surgical reduction process. At this point, you can achieve a flawless appearance and achieve a perfect result with the gynecomastia operation, which is performed very easily.