Leg Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Will the sagging of my legs go away completely after a leg lift?

Leg lift is expressed as an aesthetic surgical operation. Sagging of the legs is usually caused by aging, frequent weight gain and loss. At this point, sagging that does not improve with sports and diet should be removed with aesthetic operation.

This sagging in your legs is eliminated if you prefer a professional plastic surgeon. You can quickly get rid of a saggy and bad appearance with leg lift operation. The emergence of situations such as weight gain and loss again will cause the tension in the legs to disappear. In this direction, sagging will occur again. However, it should be stated that the more sagging in the legs, the more difficult it will be in the operation.

Is leg lift a difficult operation?

Leg stretching surgery is not an operation to be feared. The sagging of the legs, which occurs due to aging and weight loss, is eliminated by leg stretching surgery. It is possible to state clearly that leg lift surgery is not a difficult operation.

The leg stretching operation ensures that the excess skin in the legs is cut and the leg is made taut. Therefore, it is possible to remove the excess skin on the legs in a short time. You can have perfect legs with the leg lift operation, which can be performed in integration with other aesthetic surgery operations.

Do you also remove excess fat from my legs when doing a leg lift?

When the leg stretching operation is performed alone, it is not possible to remove excess fat. However, liposuction, that is, fat removal, is also performed together with the leg stretching operation. At this point, it is possible to easily remove the excess fat in the legs.

After the liposuction application, a stretching operation must be performed in the area. Otherwise, sagging of the legs will occur with the removal of the fat. This will cause you to have an extremely bad appearance. In this context, it is possible to clearly state that leg lift and all other stretching operations must be done together with liposuction.