Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions

What other operations can I have with liposuction?

You should know that there are many applications that you can perform together with the liposuction operation. What is important here is where the operation will be performed rather than what the operation is. Because if a fat removal operation has been performed from the abdomen, a tummy tuck can be performed afterwards. However, tummy tuck operation can be performed after fat removal.

However, problems may arise due to the combination of tummy tuck and fat removal. It can collect water in the area where the fat is removed after the operation. Therefore, you should definitely follow your doctor's recommendations. It is essential that the procedures related to liposuction are carried out under the supervision of a doctor and meticulously. Otherwise, the results may not meet expectations and may trigger serious failures. We recommend that you decide what the combined applications will be after contacting your doctor. Especially in order to avoid wrong applications, you should pay attention to meticulousness in combined applications.

Can you inject my removed fat to another part of my body?

Many patients wonder about the injection of fat from the body into another place. If you are a patient who is curious about this subject, you can contact your doctor and request information about current situations. You should take advantage of this application, also known as fat injection, which is the transfer of fat from the body back to the body.

In order to get successful results in fat injection, after evaluating whether this procedure is possible or not, you should reach out whether the procedures will be performed by your doctor. When you want to inject fat, you should not forget that you should also consider the characteristics of the area. In case of an incorrect oil injection, the risks you will face will be very serious. We recommend that you make evaluations considering this situation. After liposuction, we can count almost all parts of the body such as the areas that can be injected into your body, butt, face, chest, legs.