Zirconium Dental Crowns Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pay attention to after I have a zirconium coating?

Water should not be drunk at least 6 hours after Zirconium Dental operations. Otherwise, tingling may occur in the teeth. After Zirconium Dental aesthetics, some pain will occur, even if it is mild. You should definitely use the drugs recommended by your doctor. After the zirconium dental operation, you should minimize the use of cigarettes and even avoid smoking in order to avoid yellowing and leakage in your teeth.

You can eat comfortably after Zirconium Dental Aesthetics. However, you may feel some differences in your teeth for the first week. Over time, this feeling will normalize. Like all dental aesthetic operations, it is necessary to pay attention to oral and dental hygiene after the zirconium tooth operation. You should do your oral hygiene in line with your doctor's advice. Sensitivity and tingling in your teeth may occur in the first week after the zirconium tooth operation. Apart from that, you may feel throbbing in your mouth and straining when opening your mouth on the first day. After zirconium dental treatment, pain and inflammation may occur. For this, you should use the drugs recommended by your doctor. You can return to your normal life on the same day after the operation.

What should I pay attention to before I have a zirconium coating?

The most important point to be considered before the zirconium tooth coating process is the choice of dentist and clinic. You should choose specialist and experienced physicians by conducting detailed and professional research on this subject.

Otherwise, it is not possible for you to gain the efficiency and beautiful appearance you want from your teeth. With zirconium tooth crown, you can get rid of the problems in your teeth and have the natural smile you want.