Beard Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

Who can have a beard transplant?

Beard transplantation is carried out in areas where thinning occurs, just like hair transplantation. For this reason, beard transplantation procedures are processes that must be carried out under the control of a physician and meticulously. If you think that your beard is sparse and you are wondering how to follow a method for beard planting, you should take a look at the details about beard planting.

We recommend that you consider the following situations in order to have a beard transplant.

  • Congenital cornering conditions due to genetic reasons,
  • The sparseness of the beard,
  • Gaps in the beards due to burns and cuts,
  • If permanent hair loss has occurred in the beard,
  • You can benefit from beard transplantation procedures to change the shape of the beard or to have a more shaped beard.

Use your preference for quality with beard transplantation, which draws attention with all these features!

How many grafts are taken on average for beard transplantation?

There are some valuable details that you need to pay attention to in order for your beard to have a better quality look. One of them is the number of grafts to be taken during beard transplantation. So, how many grafts is enough for a beard transplant?

If you want to have a beard transplant and want to achieve perfect results in this regard, it would be more meaningful to first check the gap in the beard. Therefore, you should listen to your doctor is recommendations. Thirty-five grafts per square centimeter are generally applied in beard transplantation procedures. This is also important in order to achieve a more ideal result. We recommend that you do not carry out a critical process such as beard transplantation without consulting the physician.

Will there be a natural appearance after beard transplantation?

You may want to take advantage of solutions that meet your expectations in beard transplantation. For this, it is clear that the most important issue is to answer the question of whether there will be a natural image related to beard transplantation. There are different reasons for the thinning seen in your beards. In this case, you should perform a meticulous process about how to apply for a solution.

In order not to cause any disruption during the beard transplantation process, you should consider the recommendations of your doctor. The natural appearance, which is the most important of the problems you will encounter in beard transplantation, will be possible thanks to the meticulous work of the physician. You can take action immediately to make the right decisions about your beard, which you care about as much as your hair. Your doctor will provide you with the most ideal results and provide a natural look in your beard.