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The beard in front of a man is considered a manhood and a sign of beauty, but some suffer when he throws his chin from the emergence of voids that distort the sight of the chin, and some seek a solution to this problem, therefore many men resort to hair transplantation which is one of the most successful ways to solve it. And the techniques currently used to extract the grafts before planting them in the beard are the hair extraction technique (FUE) itself is a hair transplant technique, but the hair transplant techniques differ and we will talk about these techniques in detail, but first we begin by picking technology (FUE) and what happens during the extraction of the grafts?

And the techniques currently used to extract the grafts before planting them in the beard are the hair extraction technique (FUE) itself is a hair transplant technique, but the hair transplant techniques differ and we will talk about these techniques in detail, but first we begin by picking technology (FUE) and what happens during the extraction of the grafts?

Hair extraction (FUE) is realized under local anesthesia. The grafts with a diameter of 0.7-0.8 mm are extracted depending on the thickness of the follicle, using a micro device (Micro Motor) where the follicles are harvested from the back of the head and on the sides of the head or any other area of the body like the chest so that the characteristics of the hair and its shape correspond to the follicles of the area where you want to have hair implanted. This step lasts approximately 3 hours, followed by a short break, then begins the step of opening the channels and extracting the grafts, carried out by several techniques, which also takes place under local anesthesia.

1- SAPHIR method
Sapphire is considered one of the most precious stones on which technology is based and it is very thin and tapered, as well as it is a severe antibacterial, because for its main use, it opens channels in which will be transplanted grafts after opening and all this makes it the best option for determining the direction of hair growth. Healing is faster and has many benefits.

2- The technique of choi pens or (DHI)
The idea of the Choi pens hair transplant is based on the combination of the steps of preparing the head, opening the canals and hair transplant in one step. Between 0.5 and 1.5 mm.

There are many types and sizes that are suitable for harvesting a different number of grafts, ranging from one or two or three grafts as needed, which means that the number of injuries caused by the operation is less, and the possibility of damage to the grafts is much less, which allows the possibility of thickening of the hair if there are gaps between the hair and the baldness not complete, and the need for anesthesia is less, in addition there isn’t necessary to cut hair before surgery.

After the operation, the person may feel pain and itching, which is natural and can be controlled by taking painkillers and anti-allergies that we will give you after the operation. Itchy scalp and skin should be avoided in the first few days after the operation, to avoid dropping the implanted grafts. You should also avoid using chemical-based hair wash products and follow your doctor's instructions for the period after implantation.

As Mac Beau, we mediate you in these operations and do not leave you alone for the best results. We support you with our monitoring system for a minimum of 2 years after the operation.

Treatment Time

3 Day

Operation Time

3 - 5 Hour


DHI / Fue


Local / Sedation


Medicines Included

Final Result

3 - 12 Months

Bulk Shell

Eleventh Day


Support Lifelong


Anyone who is over the age of 18, has a partially or completely empty beard and has a good donor area between the ears and the nape of the neck can have this procedure. It is important to pay attention to the aim of the planting while performing this procedure. In order for this operation to give good results, the procedure must be performed by experts in a sterile environment.

Hair transplantation procedures usually take between 2-3 hours. Depending on the condition of the person, break and meal break is given.

The transplanted beards are completely shed within 15 days. The beards start to grow again after three months on average. In 4-6 months, the beards reach the desired growth consistency and complete the growth process. In some people, this process takes a year due to problems such as stress, genetic, and inadequate nutrition.

The answer to this question depends on the intensity desired by the person in beard and mustache transplantation. However, transplanting a graft approximately between 2,500 - 3,500 will provide an intense appearance.

The price of DHI beard and mustache transplantation is priced as maximum planting, not by graft number. The price is determined by adding our personalized packages consisting of transfers, hotels, flight tickets and tours that you prefer, on the operation fee. Please contact us to learn about our special offer price.

Since local anesthesia will be applied with the needle-free anesthesia method, there will be no pain before or during the operation.

There will be no scar in the area where the beard, mustache is transplanted or in the donor area, since we are doing dhi beard transplant.

The transplanted beards are selected from among the hair that does not shed from the donor area between the nape and ears. For this reason, the transplanted beards do not shed, you can shave them with a natural machine or scissors after your beard grows.

You need to cut your growing beard and mustache with scissors 10 days after transplantation. Do not use a razor or shaver before the complete recovery and recovery process.

After transplantation, the next day passes with rest. On the third day after the procedure, the first washing takes place. After this wash, there will be a little redness in your beard and mustache. At the end of a week, your beards will be growing and the redness will disappear.

Yes, we offer a lifetime guarantee and support to our patients who have beard transplantation. We guarantee free revisions for all errors caused by us and follow your healing process until your beard grows. With our minimum 2 years of support service, we support you after the beard transplant operation, and we spend the whole process together.

There are 3 methods applied in the world. These methods are FUT, FUE and DHI. We prefer the DHI method for beard and mustache transplantation. We prefer it because the directions of the planted roots are more natural and the healing process is very fast.

In beard transplantation, the frequency is carried out by giving priority to the expectation of the person. Within the possibilities of the donor area, the desired density can be planted.

On average, it is necessary to wait until the age of 20 for a beard to grow. At the age of 20, the beard growth process will stop, as all hormones now return to normal. The possibility of a beard growth after this age is very low.

It will be sufficient to stay in Istanbul for 3 days for the operation. For people who do not have time, they should stay in Istanbul for a minimum of 2 days, as washing can be done 24 hours after the operation.

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Which techniques are used in beard transplantation?

The techniques used in beard transplantation are as valuable and important as hair transplantation. For this reason, you should definitely examine which method will be used in order to achieve the desired appearance of your beard. Dhi is one of the techniques used in the beard transplant process.

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