Eyebrow Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

Who can have eyebrow transplantation?

Are you wondering what kind of solutions you can apply for eyebrow transplant procedures? Then you should know what kind of solutions you can reach at the point of eyebrow transplantation in order to get a very high quality result. For those who think that their eyebrows are thinning or who do not like the eyebrow structure, it is a very valuable alternative.

For this reason, the patient is demands are important in order to perform an eyebrow transplant procedure. The whole process related to eyebrow transplantation should be carried out with a physician. Otherwise, it will not be possible to achieve the desired results in your eyebrows. It is very valuable for you to consider the recommendations of your doctor in order to obtain the clearest information about the transplantation procedures.

Will there be a natural appearance after eyebrow transplantation?

Eyebrow transplantation is not as common as hair transplantation. For this reason, question marks about eyebrow transplantation are more serious than hair transplantation. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate whether there will be a natural appearance after eyebrow transplantation.

In order to eliminate the sparseness in your eyebrows and to achieve a quality appearance, it is imperative that you take into account the recommendations of the physician. For this reason, when you want to have an eyebrow transplant, you should meticulously perform your preliminary work. Otherwise, the result will be far from your expectations. If you have an eyebrow transplant with the privilege of a specialist physician, it is possible to have a natural appearance. For this reason, you should examine the results you desire in your eyebrows without any worries. In this way, better quality solutions emerge.

Do I need to cut my hair for eyebrow transplantation?

One of the most striking options for those who want to have eyebrows transplanted is whether the hair is cut or not. Because it is wondered whether the procedure to be applied to the eyebrows will affect the hair. In eyebrow transplantation procedures, the donor area is the nape. For this reason, it is necessary to cut the hair in order to collect hair from the nape.

While some patients want only the nape to be cut, some patients seem to have their entire hair cut. Even though you are choosing the right methods to make your eyebrows look better, you should not neglect to follow the doctor's recommendations. Your hair growth process takes place in a short time. For this reason, you should not resort to an application that will risk the process of transplanting your eyebrows transplantation. Otherwise, it will not be possible to achieve the desired results in your eyebrows.