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The shape of your face is affected by the appearance of your eyebrows, since thick eyebrows have long been considered a characteristic of beauty. With the development of plastic surgery and hair transplantation, it became possible to obtain thick and perfect eyebrows. The eyebrow transplant is a modern plastic surgery, which is done by an expert specialist in this field.

The eyebrow transplant is performed under partial anesthesia, that is to say that the patient is aware of everything that is going on around him, but he doesn’t feel any pain during the procedure, preferably being done anesthesia by injection into the eyebrow area, others ask the doctor to do the oral anesthesia, in any case, the anesthesia starts to work 10 minutes after having drunk or injected it.

Some women have eyebrow intensification to treat small scars or increase eyebrow density, while others want to have eyebrows because their eyebrows have disappeared due to a fall.

After choosing the shape of the eyebrow, the surgeon will remove the hair from the back of the head using the technique (FUE), after he determines the places of hair transplant, then the surgeon will place the grafts one by one in the places transplant. The surgeon himself does this work because the hair transplant places are considered to be the most important step in the process.

As Mac Beau, we mediate you in these operations and do not leave you alone for the best results. We support you with our monitoring system for a minimum of 2 years after the operation.

Treatment Time

3 Day

Operation Time

1 - 2 Hour


DHI (Choi)




Medicines Included

Final Result

3 - 12 Months

Bulk Shell

Eleventh Day


Support Lifelong


Anyone who is over the age of 18, whose hair loss has stopped completely and who has a good donor area between the ears and the back of the neck can have this procedure. The important thing is to perform this operation in a a sterile environment without damaging the hair roots.

Eyebrow transplantation usually takes between 2-3 hours. Depending on the condition of the person, break and meal break are given.

After the first 2 months of eyebrow and shedding phase, your real eyebrows will start to grow from the 2nd month. 4. The process is completed by the end of the month. This period varies according to the person and in cases of stress, smoking and insufficient nutrition the completion of the eyebrow process may rarely take up to 1 year.

Eyebrow transplantation procedures should be done in a hospital environment and in semi-sterile environments and hair& eyebrow transplantation centers. Although this process seems like a simple process it has to be sterile and it is very important that the place is protected from infectious diseases. We carry out our operations in our contracted hospitals with international JCI certification.

Eyebrow transplantation price is priced for maximum transplantation, not by graft number. The price is determined by adding our personalized packages consisting of transfers, hotels, flight tickets and tours that you prefer, on the operation fee. Please contact us to learn about our special offer price.

Since the eyebrow transplantation will be under local anesthesia without a needle, you will not feel any pain or ache.

Since we do DHI eyebrow transplantation, there will be no scar on your eyebrows, ie in the transplanted area or donor area.

The transplanted eyebrows are selected from the hair that does not shed from the donor area between the nape and the two ears. For this reason, transplanted eyebrows do not shed, your eyebrows will be natural after they grow.

You need to cut your growing eyebrows 10 days after transplantation with scissors. Do not cut your eyebrows in any other way, except for scissors cutting before complete removal and recovery.

After transplantation, the next day passes with rest. On the third day after the procedure, the first washing takes place. After this wash, a small amount of redness on your eyebrows is seen. At the end of the week, your eyebrows will grow and the redness will disappear.

There are 3 methods applied in the world. These methods are FUT, FUE and DHI. We prefer the DHI method in eyebrow transplantation. We prefer it because the directions of the planted roots are more natural and the healing process is very fast.

In eyebrow transplantation, the frequency is carried out by giving priority to the expectation of the person. According to the donor area, the desired density can be planted.

Since the transplanted eyebrows will be taken from your neck, which is the donor area, the growth rate will be fast until the healing process is completed. When the healing process is completed, the roots planted in your eyebrows will perceive that they are now eyebrows and return to the normal growth rate.

You can dye the eyebrows when the healing process is completed in any color you want.

It will be sufficient to stay in Istanbul for 3 days for the operation. For people who do not have time, they should stay in Istanbul for a minimum of 2 days, as washing can be done 24 hours after the operation.

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What should I pay attention to after eyebrow transplantation?

There are important details that you need to pay attention to in order to make your eyebrows look full and beautiful. At this point, we have listed below for you what you need to know! Here are the things you need to know after eyebrow transplantation!

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