Breast Lift
15-10-2020 16:00

Breast Lift

Breast lift provides natural looking symmetrical breasts that are compatible with the desired body size. While performing these procedures, the person is body measurements are taken into account. The breasts are examined and the difference between the required measurements is determined. There is usually a difference in the right and left breasts. These are also taken into consideration. The sagging rate of the breasts is determined. To determine this, the bottom line on the breast is taken as a basis and the difference between the nipple and the bottom line is evaluated. It is used to detect sagging breasts.

What methods are used for breast lift?

During the measurements made on the chest of the patient, the sagging and size are evaluated and it is decided which method is appropriate. Depending on the amount of sagging in the breasts in the operation performed, the scar will also be more visible.

Slightly sagging breasts

If the size of the breasts is at a normal level, the ring around the nipple is removed and slightly lifted. In this surgery, a ring-shaped scar is left on the nipple. If the breasts are sagging and small, the breasts can be enlarged using a drop of silicone prosthesis before breast lift.

Moderate and excessive sagging

In this case, breasts can be treated in two different ways. In moderate sagging, the nipple is removed in the form of a ring. The breast tissue is collected from the bottom and the incisions are closed with special stitches. In breasts with advanced sagging, the nipple is opened again and gathered under the breast. Stitches used in breast lift operations are generally self-melting.

After breast lift operation

Breast lift does not cause much pain in general. If a prosthesis is used in the operation, the breast tissue may cause pain due to arm movements for a few days. The bandage applied to the breasts is usually opened 3 days later. Later, patients should use a half-athlete sports bra. When the bandage on the breasts is removed, patients can take a bath. However, it should be waited for 1 month before starting the exercises. Since the stitches dissolve by themselves, they are not taken.

When the bandages are opened after breast lift, the first impression of the breasts may be a little misshape. The vertical incision made under the chest can make a slight pothole. Sometimes patients can see the asymmetrical difference in their breasts. However, for the full recovery of the breasts, patients should wait up to 1 month for them to gain their real appearance. But everyone should know that our parts are different in our body. There is no full symmetry in the body. This difference cannot be overcome during breast lift. 6-12 months should pass for the breasts to fully fit and the scars to heal. In this period, breasts with the desired appearance are obtained thanks to breast lift.