Vaginal Tightening (Vaginoplasty) Surgery
5-10-2020 12:00

Vaginal Tightening (Vaginoplasty) Surgery

Vaginal tightening operation is an operation that should be performed by specialist gynecologists. Vaginal tightening operations, which are one of the most frequently used vaginal tightening methods in our country in recent years, shows good results in terms of aesthetics.

Why are vaginal tightening operations performed?

Vaginal tightening surgery can be preferred to prevent the sounds coming out of the vagina during intercourse. Since the sound coming from the vagina during intercourse negatively affects the couples in terms of concentration, vaginal tightening operation can be preferred to achieve sexual harmony between couples. 

Vaginal tightening applications can be performed in order to capture the feeling of sexual satisfaction and pleasure. It is performed to prevent sexual dissatisfaction and provide pleasure problems such as looseness and enlargement.

Vaginal tightening surgery is applied to reduce the looseness of the sagging vagina, which causes a painful intercourse and also for those that has an aesthetically bad appearance.

Women who want confidence in intercourse are the most common people who apply for vaginal tightening. Vaginal tightening surgery can be applied to strengthen marital ties and increase the effect on the man.

How is vaginal tightening surgery performed?

Local anesthesia is generally preferred in the surgery, which requires specialist gynecologists and anesthesiologists. In cases where patients are suspected of panic, the procedure is performed with general anesthesia. In surgeries to be performed by applying local anesthesia, patients must come to the center full, and in operations performed under general anesthesia they must come to the center on an empty stomach. The operation takes approximately 1 hour. The vagina is narrowed 4cm inwards from the top. Since the stitches will be applied from the inside during the operation, no scars will be seen in the vaginal area. The operation is based on the logic of bringing the pervis muscle layers on the right and left sides of the vagina closer to each other.

What are the risks of vaginal tightening surgery?

Vaginal tightening operation has no risk other than bleeding or infection during the operation. In order to prevent these, the operation should be carried out in a specialist physician staff and a known, quality center.

After vaginal tightening surgery

Patients should pay special attention to cleaning in the vaginal area after discharge. As it is known, possible situations in this area, where infection can occur quickly, may cause health problems by causing the stitches to become infected. However, the medications given by the doctor should be used without interruption, the doctor is recommendations should be followed strictly and the controls should be done on time.

Sexual intercourse after vaginal tightening operation at the end of an average of 45 days following the surgery, patients can have sexual intercourse for the first time without much force. Vaginal enlargement can be seen again in women who gave normal birth after the operation.