What is Brazilian Butt Lift?
19-08-2020 12:00

What is Brazilian Butt Lift?

The most striking physical feature of Brazilian women due to their racial characteristics is the butt area. Those who want to have butt aesthetics often prefer to have the butt appearance of Brazilian women. Brazilian butt aesthetics have become widespread in line with these demands. In the operation, the butt area of Brazilian women is formed with applications such as silicone prosthesis, fat injection, and filling injection. The plastic surgeon will decide how and which of these techniques will be applied according to the needs of the patient.

Is Fat Injection Used During Brazilian Butt Aesthetics?

Different methods can be used for Brazilian butt lift. One of these is the procedure performed by removing the excess fat in the abdomen, waist, hip area with Vaser liposuction and injecting them into the buttocks and hips as determined. However, this application must be done by an expert. The removal of excess fat and oil injection should be done meticulously. Body appearance should look like an hourglass after oil injection. The fat tissue taken and the fat tissue injected into the butt area should be at a certain rate.

What is the Most Important Feature of Brazilian Butt?

The most important feature of the Brazilian butt is not that the hips are wide. The hip form, which is the subject of Brazilian butt aesthetics, is a smooth skin, tight, form-visible butt appearance with a protruding structure. Having the butt appearance may be due to genetic factors, nutrition and sports. Apart from that, those who want to have a Brazilian butt can get help from plastic surgery. Nowadays, you can have such a butt shape with highly advanced techniques.

How To Make Brazilian Butt Lift With Brazilian Butt Lift Method?

One of the techniques used during Brazilian butt aesthetics is the Brazilian Butt Lift method. In this method, fat injection, filling and silicone butt prosthesis are used together if necessary. The butt area is created in an interesting way that reflects femininity. Excess fat in the body is purified with special techniques and carefully injected into the butt area. In this way, the butt volume is increased and curved lines are achieved. In addition, the waist area is adapted to the butt area.

How Much Does Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

Since fat removal and fat injection procedures are performed during Brazilian butt lift, the cost of this can vary for everyone. The fat tissue that patients need for Brazilian butt aesthetics is different. Therefore, the cost cannot be deducted without determining the excess fat and the amount of adipose tissue needed. You can get a price by consulting an aesthetic surgeon.

Where to get the fat required during brazilian butt lift?

In order for this aesthetic procedure to be performed, the required fatty tissue must be taken from the person himself. Since the fat tissue of another person is not accepted by the body, it cannot be used during butt aesthetics. The fat tissue needed for Brazilian butt aesthetics is taken from at least two places. These areas are mostly areas close to the buttocks such as the hips, love handles, abdomen, waist, inner parts of the thigh area.

Are fat cells damaged during brazilian butt lift?

If the fat cells are not damaged, a more successful Brazilian butt lift can be done. Therefore, vibration support should be used during degreasing. If the oils are injected in this way to the butt area, their permanence will be more. In addition, a more natural looking butt can be created. If fat cells are damaged, the success rate of the aesthetic procedure decreases.

Is silicone prosthesis used for brazilian butt aesthetics?

Brazilian butt aesthetics, which is usually performed with liposuction and fat injection, is performed with silicone butt prosthesis in some patients. This is mostly preferred when there is not enough fat tissue in the body of those who want a large butt appearance. Since these silicone prostheses are very durable, they can be used with peace of mind.

Can brazilian butt aesthetics be done for those with flatter bottoms?

Fat injection and filler injection are not sufficient for Brazilian butt aesthetics in people with a flattened butt appearance. Therefore, silicone butt prostheses should be used. In this way, the ideal waist and butt ratio can be created as 0.6-0.7.


Is the recovery time the same between Brazilian Butt aesthetics made with fat Injection and silicone butt prosthesis?

According to the technique used during Brazilian butt lift, recovery times will be different. Since there is little trauma in the area during butt aesthetics with fat injection, the recovery of patients is shorter since no incision is made. Recovery takes longer when silicone butt prosthesis is used. In addition, patients should be more careful after silicone implant insertion. Slight side-sitting, especially while sitting, helps them heal faster.

Is brazilian butt aesthetics done with filling material?

Filling materials have become available for the whole body in the field of aesthetics. Filling material can also be used for Brazilian butt aesthetics. If this is used together with fat injection, it is easier to shape the butt area to the back or to the side.

Can anyone have brazilian butt lift?

Body structure is person is special place. If the person likes his body, aesthetic concerns are not experienced. Those who want to have a Brazilian butt aesthetic usually do not like the butt area or those who want to have this butt shape they see in someone else. If the person has no other health problems, he can have this aesthetic operation.

Can we use someone else is fat tissue in brazilian butt aesthetics?

Fat tissue taken from someone else cannot be used because the body perceives it as a extraneous subject. Those who want to have a Brazilian butt can only have it with their own fat tissue.

Are stitches used for brazilian butt lift?

Lifting the butt area by stitching can cause a pleasant appearance at the first stage. However, as there will also be edema in the area at the first stage, the butt may look very good. As the edema begins to pass, the butt, which is lifted and shaped with stitches, will begin to lose its given shape. It will be deformed, especially when sitting and standing. The Brazilian butt appearance created in this way can last for up to three months.

Do silicone prostheses used for brazilian butt aesthetics look like breast prostheses?

Silicone prosthesis can be used to enlarge the buttocks appearance. These prostheses are produced only for butt aesthetics. Although they resemble breast prostheses, there are some differences between them. The fluidity of the tissue of silicone butt prostheses is less than breast prostheses. This feature gives the prostheses hardness and makes them more durable.

Is corset used after brazilian butt aesthetics?

When Brazilian butt aesthetics are performed with fat injection and fat removal methods, they return to normal life quickly and they can recover more easily. After the procedure, patients should also wear a special corset for 10-12 days. The use of corsets also helps patients move more comfortably while sitting and standing.

Is there a return from brazilian butt lift?

If you want to return to the Brazilian butt aesthetics made with fat injection, the injected fat can be removed. If silicone butt prosthesis is used, you can return to your old butt appearance by removing the prosthesis.

Are brazilian butt lift prices the same for everyone?

During the Brazilian butt lift, each patient is planned separately to perform the operation. The main reason for this is that everyone has a different butt structure. Everyone will have different needs to create a butt look. Different rates of fat injection may be required. Some patients may need to use a silicone butt prosthesis. That is why Brazilian butt lift prices will vary for everyone.

Can brazilian butt lift be done to very thin people?

The butt appearance of very thin people will also take a straight shape. Since the person is weak, fat removal and fat injection procedures required for butt aesthetics cannot be performed. In this case, silicone butt prostheses can be used. However, it should not be forgotten that the general body lines of the person and the butt appearance should be compatible. Brazilian butt appearance may not be able to make the expected effect in very thin people. It may be incompatible with the body appearance.

Does fat ınjection for brazilian butt aesthetics cause cellulite on the skin?

In Brazilian butt aesthetics where the person is own fat tissue is used, the fat injected into the skin is distributed homogeneously. Therefore, it does not cause a cellulite appearance like orange peel. Even when some of the oils are melted, the remaining fat distribution is homogeneous. If the patients do not neglect the use of a corset for the period recommended by the doctor after butt aesthetics, the butt will be shaped well.

Where are silicone prostheses used for brazilian butt aesthetics placed, will there be any scar?

Butt prostheses used for Brazilian butt aesthetics are placed inside the gluteus maximus muscle. It is among the thickest and strongest muscles in our body. The prosthesis inserted through the incision site is left to the junction of the hip. A few months after the operation, the scar on the incision site becomes pale to the skin color. If fat injection is also performed in the operation, the ports opened for this will also heal completely.

Does the filling material used for brazilian butt aesthetics have an allergic effect?

The filling materials used in the aesthetic field do not have an allergic effect. It can be used safely during Brazilian butt lift. The permanence of this filling material is up to 6 months depending on the person is movements.

How long does the brazilian butt lift operation last?

Butt aesthetics should be performed under general anesthesia in a full-fledged hospital by a specialist plastic surgeon. The operation takes about 3-3.5 hours.

Are there problems after brazilian butt aesthetics?

The most common problem experienced by patients who have Brazilian butt aesthetics is that they have difficulty lying on their buttocks for a week after the operation. In addition, patients who are stitched according to the lying position may have a problem of opening the stitches. This can be experienced especially if the patients make challenging movements in the early period.

Does the butt grow if weight is gained after the brazilian butt lift?

Some of the fat tissue injected into the area during butt aesthetics maintains its permanence. If the person gains weight later, there may be some growth in the butt area. However, when you gain weight, you will need to gain a lot of weight for butt growth, as not only the hip area will get fat.

When do we get brazilian butt lift results?

Whether Brazilian butt aesthetics are performed with fat injection or silicone butt prosthesis, we must wait for the healing process to pass in order to see the results. In the first place, the difference in the new butt shape can be seen clearly. However, since there will be edema in the area due to the procedures performed, it should be expected to lose its effect. The results of butt aesthetics with fat injection are obtained earlier compated to silicone prosthesis. Because the recovery in patients is faster.

When can you swim after the brazilian butt lift?

After butt aesthetics, patients should not be in a hurry to enter the sea and pool. Since it is a surgical intervention, any action that may cause infection should be avoided. Therefore, it is recommended that patients stay away from the sea and pool for up to three weeks. During this period, places such as saunas and Turkish baths should not be entered.