What is eyelid aesthetics?
31-08-2020 11:30

What is eyelid aesthetics?

All of the operations performed due to aging and stress in the eyelids are called eyelid aesthetic surgeries. After a certain age or after a while due to the intense pace of life, thinning may occur in the muscle layer under the eyelid skin. Since this situation has a bad appearance on the eyelid it has brought a demand for eyelid aesthetic applications.

How is eyelid aesthetics performed?

Eyelid aesthetics are generally grouped as lower and upper eyelid aesthetics and performed with similar but different procedures. In upper eyelid aesthetic surgeries, the operation time lasts for an average of 1 hour, and after the determination of the amount of skin and muscle under the eyelid, the procedure is started to exhibit the same aesthetic posture. In some cases during the upper eyelid aesthetic surgery, some fat removal can be performed in this area as the fat pads in the lower and middle layers of the eye are more visible after skin and muscle removal.

In lower eyelid aesthetic surgeries, the lower eyelid muscles and skin are lifted together with the eyebrows and with the incision made from the lower area of ​​the eyelashes the fat packs spread around the eye socket are cleaned. Lower eyelid aesthetics can take longer than the upper eyelid aesthetic surgery, as it requires procedures such as fat removal from the cheeks. Eyelid aesthetic surgeries are mostly performed under general anesthesia. According to the procedures performed, patients are discharged within a few days at the latest.

Eyelid aesthetics prices

Eyelid aesthetics prices vary according to the selection of the center and doctor. The factor for price also changes according to the procedure will be applied after determining the factors that pose aesthetics in the lower and upper eyelids and the type of intervention. Factors affecting eyelid aesthetics prices may vary, especially considering the interventions to be made in the cheek area in lower eyelid aesthetic surgeries.

Eyelid aesthetics recovery process

The healing process of eyelid surgery starts with the eyelids being closed with a tape for a certain period of time. After the operation, cold application is performed in order to prevent possible edema, but despite all these interventions, bruising may be seen in the eye area as the muscle structure is directly intervened. The bruising and swelling in the eye area will continue for an average of 3-4 days and the cold application should be continued at intervals.

In the healing process of eyelid aesthetics, pain may occur in the stitches in the eye in cases such as sneezing. Therefore, patients should spend this period with a few pillows under the neck keeping the head up and avoiding sudden movements.

Is there any scars after eyelid aesthetics?

A very thin scar may remain in the upper fold area of ​​the eyelid for up to a year. However, due to the fact that the eyelid skin is very thin, the stitch marks will disappear enough to be evident only when looked very closely.