What is FUE Hair Transplantation?
10-08-2020 10:00

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

The Fue technique is a method of hair transplantation that has become increasingly common in recent years. Since this technique allows more comfortable hair transplant, hair transplant centers generally apply this method. Since there is no need to remove tissue from the donor area by making an incision during the Fue technique, the hair transplantation is completed more comfortably. In addition to that more hair follicles can be taken in one session.

What should be considered before hair transplantation?

Before hair transplantation, hair analysis should be done carefully. The amount of hair follicle and the hair follicles in the hairy area should be evaluated carefully. Making a special hair analysis and starting hair transplantation in this way will positively affect the success.

How long does the hair transplant process take?

Hair transplantation process can take place in different times for everyone. It depends on the amount of hair follicles the person needs, the decision of hair transplantation, the necessary analysis, and the technique used in hair transplantation. Normally, sessions with the Fue technique last between 4-6 hours.

Is hair transplant a painful procedure?

Hair transplantation is no longer a painful procedure with the developing technology and the methods used. Since local anesthetics are used both in the donor area where the hair follicles are taken and in the area where the hair follicles are transplanted, hair transplantation is ceased to be a painful procedure because there is no incision.

Can hair transplant be done with laser?

Today, laser treatments have begun to be used in the field of aesthetics as in other medical fields. Hair transplantation can be done with laser. Laser is a new application in the field of hair transplantation. It stimulates the active stem cells in the hair follicles and helps the hair to become thicker and more dense.

Does hair transplantation cause the existing hair fall?

In the hair transplant application, the existing hair will not be lost. Hair transplantation does not cause any damage to the existing hair of the person. There may only be a loss of hair follicles that are about to be shed and this is a complete coincidence.

How will the transplanted hair grow?

The transplanted hair begins to fall out at the first stage. However, this loss is only in the form of breaking of the hair strands. The transplanted hair follicles grow in a healthy way and gain their real appearance in about 6-10 months.

At what ages is hair transplantation done?

Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be done at any age. However, experts consider it more appropriate to wait for the person is hair loss to decrease. In this way, hair transplant sessions can be completed in a shorter time. But hair transplantation can also be done before hair loss decreases. In this case, hair transplant sessions are repeated as the person is hair is lost.

How many types of hair transplant methods are there?

Hair transplant methods are applied as Fue and Fut technique. Since hair transplantation with FUT technique is more laborious and done with incision, it has been used less for the recent years. The Fue technique is used more since it is a comfortable method for both patients and hair transplant specialists. In addition to that laser hair transplantation applications have been started to be performed recently. The laser stimulates the stem cells in the hair follicles, making the hair more concentrated.

Is your center the right place for the hair transplantation?

In order for you to understand that your center is the right place for hair transplantation, you need to evaluate the hair transplantation practices they have done before and evaluate the experiences of hair transplant specialists.

When should I have a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is suitable for people that has thinned hair and for those who have enlarged hairless area. If your hair loss continues it is better to wait for a while. In addition, the strong hair follicles in the hairy area, which we call the donor area, is an important factor. It is recommended to have hair transplantation without having your hair thinned in the area where hair follicles will be taken. Because we need to take hair follicles from another area for hair transplant.

Will the transplanted hair fall out?

Since the hair transplanted in hair transplantation is taken from the area that does not shed genetically, normally it does not fall out for a lifetime. Hair taken from the back of the ears on both sides of the head has this feature. Therefore, the transplanted hair does not fall out.

Can I use spray and gel after hair transplantation?

After hair transplantation, patients should pay attention to certain subjects. The use of sprays and jelly is not recommended, especially during the healing process. But then the person can easily use these products on his hair.

How many sessions is hair transplantation done?

The number of sessions of hair transplantation may vary depending on the characteristics of the person is hair, the need for hair follicles in the balding area, and the technique used during hair transplantation. The large hairless area will increase the number of sessions to be performed.

Is the hair transplant procedure dangerous?

Hair transplantation is an extremely safe procedure among aesthetic applications. Before hair transplantation, a detailed examination of the person is made and chronic diseases are also evaluated. For this reason, there is no dangerous side to hair transplantation.

What are the risks of hair transplant?

The risks of hair transplantation are very low. If this procedure is performed in a hospital in the surgery environment and performed by a hair transplant specialist, the risks are minimized. However, there may be risks related to patients such as hair follicle loss due to incorrect applications after hair transplantation.

When will my hair start to grow?

After the hair transplant is completed, hair loss may occur within the first 2-6 weeks. Rarely, some people may not have this shedding. In this shedding, the hair follicles remain in place. Therefore, there is no need to worry. Hair then starts to grow back. Hair regains its healthiest state in about 6-12 months.

How many days after transplantation can I go back to work?

When the Fue technique is used in hair transplantation the period of time will be will be shorter for patients return to their jobs. After the hair transplant is completed, patients will be in a position to do all their activities except heavy work on their return home. If their work is not too heavy, they can start working in a few days.

Can women have a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is suitable for women as well as for men. However, since women do not have a genetic risk of baldness, hair transplantation is generally applied to men.

What are the precautions I should take after transplantation?

After transplantation, patients should avoid heavy work. After the hair transplant, the area covered with a bandage will be checked the next day. If appropriate, the first washing of the hair is done on this area. A special solution is used during washing. Patients do the next wash at home as recommended. While washing the hair, it should be washed using medical shampoo only with fingertips and gentle movements.

How many days after transplantation can I use a bandana and hat?

It is not recommended to use bandana and hat immediately after transplantation. At least 1 week should be waited to start using such accessories. 

Are hair and eyebrow transplants done at the same time?

There is no harm in doing hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation together. Only hair roots suitable for eyebrow transplantation are transplanted to this area.

Is a specialist important for the hair physician?

One of the most important elements for hair transplantation is a hair transplant specialist. Because although hair transplantation seems easy, planning hair transplantation, determining the front line, adjusting the channels and angles where the hair follicles will be transplanted are procedures that required be expertised at. A hair transplant specialist will do these the most accurate way.

What kind of center should hair transplant be done?

People who want to have hair transplantation should be careful choosing the center where they will have hair transplantation. A center that has successfully performed previous hair transplantation practices, uses new methods, and whose experts are experienced in this field is suitable for this.

From where is hair transplantation done for hair transplantation?

For hair transplantation, hair follicles are collected from the area between the two ears where hair is genetically not shed. These are transferred to areas where hair is thinned or balding.

Will there be any wounds in hair transplantation?

In the Fut technique, which was previously used for hair transplantation, the tissue is removed by making an incision, so patients had a wound after the procedure. However, with the use of the Fue technique, there is no wound in hair transplantation.

Is it necessary to stay in the hospital after hair transplantation?

Patients do not need to stay in the hospital after hair transplantation. When the procedure is completed, patients can go back to their homes.