What is The Process in Brazilian Butt Lift?
04-11-2020 11:00

What is The Process in Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt aesthetics is aa procedure performed to reshape the butt area to obtain a vertical and plump appearance. In recent years, interest in this aesthetic operation has increased rapidly due to the fact that a plump butt appearance with smooth lines is generally accepted as a symbol of charm and femininity.

A maximum of two methods are used to correct or change the appearance of the butt accordingly. In the first method, the buttocks are filled by using the patient is own adipose tissue. In the second method, the butt area is enlarged using a silicone butt prosthesis. The surgeon will decide during the consultation about which method to use during Brazilian butt aesthetics. In addition, with this operation, aesthetic procedures such as thigh lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction can be performed, so the aesthetic procedures that the patient needs can be evaluated.

In Brazilian society, especially the full, upright and aesthetic appearance of women is butt structure draws attention. Physically, although the butt is not extremely large, it has the feature to show its upright and fullness. This is a genetic legacy for Brazilian women. This appearance of the butt can be maintained for a long time with the help of proper nutrition and sports. People who do not have a Brazilian butt appearance can change their butt appearance by having Brazilian butt aesthetics. A little touch can make the butt area look upright and plump.

Good candidates for brazilian butt lift

If the butt structure is small compared to the general appearance of the body lines and if the people want a fuller butt structure that fits their body lines, they can have Brazilian butt aesthetics. The butt shape is square, and those with a straight appearance may have a young and fresh looking butt with distinct lines.

If there are effects such as sagging, loosening or flattening in the butt area due to aging or weight loss, you may be a suitable candidate for this aesthetic operation. If your clothes do not look the way you want, if you do not have any health problems and you have realistic expectations about the operations you can be a suitable candidate for Brazilian butt aesthetics.

Brazilian butt aesthetics with fat injection

When the butt area loses its old form with effects such as weight loss, aging or if you do not like your butt shape structurally you can have Brazilian butt aesthetics with fat injection. Fat cells have the capacity to regenerate. For this reason, fat tissue taken from another area of ​​your body can be used to plump the butt area. Since no incision is made during the operation, the operation performed with this method is concluded without a scar.

In order to perform Brazilian butt aesthetics with fat injection, people must be suitable for the operation. Especially for fat injection, there should be areas with excess adipose tissue. In addition, the butt volume should not be completely destroyed. People with a low butt structure and very weak butt volume may not be suitable for this operation. In this case, patients may need to have Brazilian butt aesthetics with silicone butt prosthesis.

In addition, fat injection alone is not sufficient for people with low buttocks and excessive sagging. In this case, fat injection and silicone butt prosthesis can be used together. However, in order for these decisions to be made, the patient must be evaluated by a plastic surgeon.

Brazilian butt aesthetics, which have been very popular in recent years, can be done practically with the help of fat injection. Before the operation, the areas where the fat will be removed and the areas to be transported in the butt area are determined. In this process, using special cannulae, fat cells taken from the areas with dense fat are transferred to the buttocks area. The fat tissue injected into the butt area is transferred in layer. If the layered transfer is made, the duration of the fat tissue in the butt will be longer. There is no result such as instant fat tissue melting.

How is the brazilian butt lift surgery process?

The surgery performed to have a Brazilian butt appearance is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation continues for approximately 2-3 hours. If silicone butt prosthesis is used during butt aesthetics, small plastic tubes called drains are placed in order to ensure that the fluids that will accumulate in the area. Drains are removed within 3-5 days. In order for the newly created butt to maintain its shape, patients should wear a special corset for a few weeks as recommended by the doctor.

Patients stay in the hospital overnight because general anesthesia is used. Effects such as mild pain and fatigue that may occur after the surgery can be reduced with the medications prescribed by the doctor. In the first days of the healing process, it is recommended that the patients do not sit in a way that will put too much pressure on the butt area and light side-sitting.