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Discover the most important aspects of your femininity by getting rid of the small breasts that make you unhappy. Change your life and appearance with breast augmentation operation. Breast augmentation is a simple and cosmetic operation that will add femininity to your body. The reason for this operation is that the person wants to make their breasts larger with the help of silicone. After the operation, the breasts of the person become larger, fuller, attractive and have rounded lines. There are two types of silicone. These are round and drop silicone.

What is breast augmentation?

It is a cosmetic surgery operation performed to enlarge the breast size of people with small breasts. There are multiple techniques and methods for breast augmentation. It is possible to enlarge the breasts with fat injection or silicone prosthesis. The biggest difference between them is that the breasts may be reduced again, as the fat tissues melt over time. There is no such possibility in silicone prosthesis. Anyone over the age of 18 who is healthy and wants to enlarge their breasts can have this operation.

Why should I have breast augmentation surgery in Turkey?

Turkey is a rich country in terms of location and culture. The success of the health sector in Turkey has become a brand in the world. When you work with the right companies in Turkey with the economic conditions and the logic of quality service, you will be more than satisfied with the result of your breast augmentation surgery. You can take advantage of the opportunity to visit Istanbul while your health operation is being completed, while you are coming for breast surgery.

What are the prices of breast augmentation surgery in Turkey?

Breast augmentation surgery varies depending on the package contents of the person such as transfer and hotel. After the personalized breast enlargement package is determined, the price is fixed by depositing a deposit. You can have your breast augmentation surgery done with peace of mind by taking advantage of all the services offered with a fixed price guarantee.

Before and after breast augmentation surgery photos

When you decide to have breast augmentation surgery, before and after photos play a big role in your company selection. Many companies also aim to persuade you for the operation by sending you the before and after breast augmentation photo. Our suggestion is that instead of just before and after photos, you should make a decision by including the institutions where the company works and the institutional trust it gives. It is very important in processes such as whether it is suitable for your body structure after breast augmentation surgery and that it gives you special support after the operation. Because in addition to being beautiful and befitting you while having an aesthetic operation, your other goal should be not to have a second operation for the same operation.

Who can have breast augmentation surgery?

  • People who are over the age of 18 and have completed their breast enlargement.
  • In order to have this surgery, the person must be healthy and not have a chronic disease.
  • People who are not satisfied with their breast size.
  • Those who have lost their breasts after illness or accident.
  • People who have symmetry in their breasts or are not satisfied with their fullness

What to do before breast augmentation surgery?

  • Take the tests your doctor wants you to do.
  • Stop smoking at least 2 weeks before this operation.
  • Do not use any alcohol or drugs before the operation.
  • Consult your doctor and stop your blood thinners.
  • Start taking vitamin C some time before the operation.

What to do after breast augmentation?

After the operation, you must follow the instructions given by your doctor in order to avoid any negative situation or complications.

  • To minimize the risk of infection, be sure to use the medicines given by your doctor within the prescribed time.
  • Use the medical bra given to you for at least 1 month to speed up the healing process.
  • Avoid strenuous sports for at least 1 month after surgery.
  • Take care not to smoke for at least 2 months after surgery.
  • Avoid heavy lifting for several weeks after surgery.
  • Consume foods rich in vegetables, fruits and fiber to recover faster after surgery.

Breast augmentation planning

It will be enough to stay in Istanbul for only 7 days to have your breast augmentation surgery.

First Day - Meet: According to the landing time of your flight, our VIP vehicle will wait at the airport to meet you. Our vehicle will pick you up from the airport and bring you to our office. In our office, our doctor will make a preliminary interview with you. It will give you comprehensive information about the details of the operation. After the meeting, our vehicle will drop you off at your hotel, which we have organized before. After you settle into your hotel, you are free until the time of surgery. In this process, you can discover the beauty of Istanbul or go shopping.

Second Day - Surgery: At the time given to you, our vehicle will pick you up in front of your hotel and bring you to our hospital where we work. After your hospitalization, you and our teammate will have routine tests done before the surgery. After the tests, final pre-operation interviews and drawings will be made with our doctor in your patient room. We are now ready for surgery. After you come out of the surgery, our teammate will greet you and will be with you during your recovery process. After a few hours, our doctor will come to your room and inform you about your health and operation. You will stay in the hospital tonight for routine control purposes. (If you have a problem with time, you can be discharged 7-8 hours after the operation with the approval of your doctor.)

Third Day - Rest: Our teammate and doctor will come to your patient room and check your health. Our doctor will inform you in detail about the operation process and what you need to do after it. After completing your discharge procedures, our teammate will take you to your hotel with our vehicle. We suggest you rest at the hotel today. Our teammate will call you and check you frequently.

Fourth Day - Fun: You will feel much better today. Do not neglect to use your medicines until the time of control. Our teammate will call you today to get information about how you are doing. Today, if you want, you can shop and enjoy Istanbul.

Fifth Day - Exploring: If you couldn't trust yourself yesterday and didn't want to go out, we definitely recommend you to rediscover Istanbul today. Do not forget to use your medicines and the instructions given to you, as there will be free time all day today. During the day, our team members will call you several times to get information about how you are doing.

Sixth Day - Savoring: Wake up early on the last day of exploring Istanbul and enjoy the Bosphorus, history and culture. Our recommendation to you is to have dinner at a restaurant on the Bosphorus. Again, during the day, our team members will call you several times to get information about how you are doing.

Seventh Day - Back Home: It's time to say goodbye. Before your flight, our vehicle will pick you up from your hotel at the time given to you and take you to our hospital where we work for control. After doing the last control examination with our doctor, our vehicle will drop you off at the airport, saying goodbye to us. We are sure you enjoyed Istanbul and are looking forward to coming back.

Don't worry about what to do next. We are not leaving you. Our special support system, created for each operation, comes into play and we follow your healing process together for 24 months. Our teammates call you at certain times and ask about your situation. By requesting your photos, we have our doctor perform an online check-up and manage your entire recovery process together. In case of any adverse event, we make an online video conference between you and our doctor. In this way, if there is a real problem, we intervene early and solve it.

As Mac Beau, we mediate you in these operations and do not leave you alone for the best results. We support you with our monitoring system for a minimum of 2 years after the operation.

Treatment Time

1 Week

Operation Time

1 - 2 Hour


Armpit / Under Breast




Medicines Included

Final Result



Sixth Day


Support Lifelong


Anyone who is not satisfied with their breasts or who wants to augment or lift can have this operation.

It is an operation performed under general anesthesia and it takes around 1-2 hours.

Since breast augmentation operations are performed under general anesthesia, you need to stay in the hospital for 1 day.

For the breast augmentation operation, you have to stay in Istanbul for 7 days in total. You can go back to your home after the 6th day of the operation is checked.

We have personalized packages consisting of transfers, hotels, flight tickets or tours, and a package price is offered according to the preference. After the price is determined and fixed in the conditions of that day, your operation is carried out without paying any extra fee when the operation time comes. Please contact us to learn about our special offer price and hear about our advantages.

You can return to work 1 week after the operation.

You can return to daily life immediately after the operation. After 1 night hospital stay, you will be able to do your daily routine the next day.

Since aesthetic stitches wis placed after the operation, there will be a scar that will not be visible in the procedures performed under the breast. In the operations performed under the armpit, it will not disturb you as the scar will remain under the armpit.

You will not feel any pain or ache since you will receive general anesthesia during the breast augmentation operation. After the operation, even people with low pain threshold will feel very little pain. In such cases, you can control your pain by taking painkillers.

After staying in the hospital for 1 night after the operation you are discharged. After 1 week of rest in your hotel or home, necessary dressing and controls are made. In case of swelling or bruising after the operation you should follow your doctor's advice. During the control period, all your swelling and bruises will disappear. After 1 week, you can return to your daily and business life.

You can choose the size you want. However, heed your doctor's advice to avoid dissatisfaction after the operation. You can determine the prosthesis type with your doctor during the pre-examination.Can I breastfeed after the operation?

Yes. Because the prosthesis is placed under the muscle, it does not cause any damage to the milk ducts.

After the operation, you should use a sports bra as a corset.

It is recommended that you start activities such as walking and jogging at a minimum of 2 weeks after the operation. In order to do heavy sports, a minimum of 5 - 6 months must pass after the operation. This process can be longer and shorter with your doctor's advice.

Depending on the operations performed we develop an algorithm through our system and follow you periodically. For 2 years, we call you to get information about your situation and ask for your pictures online every other month. We overcome this situation together by responding quickly to all the negativities you may experience during the healing process. We give you detailed information about the process and report your improvement result comparatively. After the operation, we call you and we continue to support you not only before but also after the operation.

Why Choose Us

Personalized Health Tourism

We welcome you in Turkey, the world’s preference in health. Rediscover the history of Istanbul with your personalized operation program.

Satisfaction Organization

We are with you throughout the whole process with hotel organization, full transfer services, special consultant and treatment service in hospitals that are on international standards.

Minimum 2 Years of Support

With the support program specially prepared for the operation, we are calling you and looking after you. We are with you before and after the operation by following your healing process.
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We determine the needs of our guests and make an online examination free of charge. We explain all the results to you and prepare your entire organization together with a fixed price guarantee.

Preliminary Interview

We listen to your requests and prepare your proposal with special solutions and planning.


We take care of all organizations such as Plane, Hotel, Full Transfer.
Online Free Consultant


We support you to achieve the best results with our expert teams.


We include all of your follow-up by including a minimum of 2 years in our support program.
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Process organization tailored for you By managing all transfer services, hotels, tickets and the organizations of their preferred operations, we are with you throughout the entire process.

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We provide free airport and city transfers.

Operations Management

We have to deal with specialist doctors and JCI certified hospitals.

Hotel Organization

We work for 5-star hotels in the city center.

Minimum 24 Months Support

We follow your post-operative recovery process together.

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  • Using the latest technology
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